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Our Passion Projects

In Second Life, even the newest avatar quickly discovers that Relay for Life is a big deal. Hundreds and hundreds of avatars volunteering their time year after year and raising over $5 million USD for the American Cancer Society. And behind every one of those amazing avatars is an equally amazing real life person with a real life story that motivates them to volunteer with the American Cancer Society in Second Life.

Having served two years as Relay For Life Chair in Second Life, MamaP continues to have a passion for the people who Relay and their stories. A retired educator from the San Francisco Bay area, she has always encouraged others to share their stories.

Together with Trager, a retired entrepreneur from a small beach town in South Florida, they have a passion for finding new and innovative ways to use social media to tell the stories about people who Relay in Second Life.

What started out as a blog in 2018, a fun Relay Refresh Road Trip in an old yellow JEEP, has over the years expanded to telling the stories of so many different people in so many different ways. We also have been honored to produce RFL of SL audio packages featuring the voices of some of the many people who are all fighting for a world without cancer. These packages have been used for both Kickoff Ceremonies and Relay Weekend Ceremonies over the past several years.


Now, in it's 6th year, the journey continues with a "refresh" of our content. A new home, right here, for all the amazing stories, the fun videos and all of the audio packages for Relay Ceremonies we have had the privilege to produce over the years. 


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Our 2023 Projects
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Our 2022 Projects
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Our 2021 Projects
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Our 2020 Projects
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Our 2019 Projects

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