Having spent years owning, designing, building and maintaining the Kaua Islands sims with 100+ rental homes, publishing a sim related blog and hosting the Live@Junkyard music venue, the time had come to move on to the next chapter... a new challenge... mesh clothing design... establish a brand... build an inventory... design an inworld store... place products on marketplace... create a web presence... over 100 mesh designs for men in about a year... too much like work... zero fun.... took it all down... what's next...
Many years later... back at it again... something called [untuck'd]... mesh shirts... L$149... just gianni... marketplace only... no store... always free to friends...




ps - arrive - raise hell - leave
eddie would go - ps
ps - doing nothing
sit ubu sit - ps
ps - WIFI
ps - no love 4 quarantine
ps - try to keep up
ps - peace sign
ps - don't follow me
ps - peace fingers
Murder Hornets ps
Flight ps
Wicked Smaaht ps
Oscar Mike ps
Straight Outta Toilet Paper ps
Vans ps
Imagine All The People ps
corona world tour ps
Don't Be A Bitch ps
Hollister 22 - Ocean Watch ps
Pepsi Cola ps
72 Inches ps
Banana Republic ps
Mountain Dew ps
Straight Outta Fucks ps
Built Strong Levi ps
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ps
Lift Heavy Shit ps
eddie would go ps
All The Cool Bands ps
get lost ps
throat punch ps
want you to wash your hands ps
support local evcerything ps
straight outta quarantine ps
never walk through hell alone ps
socially distant ps
namast'ay ps
wash your hands ps
Corona Extra ps
toilet paper apocalypse ps
woodstock 1969 ps
corona virus world tour ps
Santa Cruz - Surf City ps
california surf ps
whiskey helps ps
black jeep ps
freedom and bacon ps
original ps
today was a good day ps
morning wood ps
alcatraz ps post
fukitol 500mgs ps
rydell ps post
dark desert highway ps
embrace the suck ps
maverick and goose ps
push ice cream ps