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Talented software developers created a simulation that enables an exploration of a Second Life in a metaverse of prims and mesh... however equally talented hardware engineers allowed for real life

emotions to merge with user generated content while providing for a degree of anonymity... together they created a virtual world that often screams to be experienced as a replacement for reality itself…

but those who approach this as a totalizing experience are hanging on the balance of such duplicity... 


Enter Bixby… a new ‘what’s next’ project… a region named after the Bixby Canyon Bridge, on the Big Sur

coast of California… one of the many iconic images in the Emmy Award winning HBO series ‘Big Little Lies’... our newest virtual canvass to explore the many creative possibilities in Second Life, albeit the paucity of logic for immersing in a virtual world ripe with so many "big little lies" often astounds me…                                                         

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