Talented software developers created this simulation to enable the exploration of a second life in a metaverse of prims and mesh... however, equally talented hardware engineers allowed for real life feelings and emotions to merge with user generated content by providing for a degree of anonymity... together they created a virtual world that often screams to be experienced as a replacement for reality itself… but those who approach this as a totalizing experience are hanging on the balance of such duplicity... 


Enter Bixby… another ‘what’s next’ project… a region named after the Bixby Canyon Bridge, on the Big Sur

coast of California… one of the many iconic images in the Emmy Award winning HBO series ‘Big Little Lies’...

a virtual canvass to explore a colorful palette of creative possibilities available inworld, albeit the paucity of logic for immersing in a virtual world ripe with "big little lies" often astounds me… yet it all works for us…                                                          

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