Second Life is an adventure... we keep moving forward, opening new doors and trying new things inworld because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths...


Second Life is a series of spontaneous changes... don't resist them... that only creates drama... let virtual reality be virtual reality... embrace it... let things move forward naturally in whatever way they like...


Second Life makes you want to explore... see things never imagined... feel the unpredictable... breath in the freshness of what's never been... exhale the what's next... that's worth repeating... exhale the what's next...


Cocoa Bay was my "what's next" a few years back... a new tropical sim design... enjoying this build ever since...


just chill'n
bandit tuna tower
hippie deck
arrival by seaplane
aperturus porches
cocoa bay caye
the great north west
beach bar
oar room
in wall aquarium
elevated walkways
drive in
cocoa bay caye
apperturus west
water tower
tin roof deck
BB19 live feed
helipad dock
volleyball _ sundown
water tower
jet ski dock
now showing
bed & breakfast
observation deck
beach bar sketch